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 The Cooper name has a proud and storied heritage that goes back more than 100 years to 1914, when brothers-in-law John F. Scahefer and Claude E. Hart purchased M and M Manufacturing Company in Akron, producing patches, tire cement and tire repair kits. A year later, Schaefer and Hart purchased The Giant Tire & Rubber Company of Akron, a tire rebuilding business, and two years later moved the business to Findlay, Ohio. The firm changed its name to Cooper Tire & Rubber Company in 1946.


 Working as the sole agent for Cooper Tires in Korea under the name of "Cooper Tire Korea", Duellco is supplying the best quality U.S. made passenger car tires and 4X4/RV tires to more than 300 official agents around the country. The diversity of pattern ranges Cooper Tire has exactly matches the complicated market needs for South Korea.


 South Korea has one of the most sophisticated tire market in Asia, with only 50 million population but having two top tier automobile manufacturers(Hyundai & KIA), and three top tier tire manufacturers(Hankook, Kumho and Nexen). It was not easy to penetrate this narrow door with a foreign brand, but with precise strategies and accurate understanding of the local market, Cooper Tires now stands as one of the most satisfying tire brand in Korea.


 Duellco has also been the leading company to introduce each function of different patterns and its performances not only to official retail agents but also to end customers for higher education purposes to prevent any accidents that may follow.


Providing the safest tires that everyone can rely on is our goal.

For further details on our Cooper Tire products in Korea, please visit

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