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 Pneumatic tires are manufactured in about 450 tire factories around the world. In 2004, $80 billion of tires were sold worldwide, in 2010 it was $140 billion and is expected to grow to $258 billion per year by 2019 and is estimated that by 2019, 3 billion tires will be sold globally every year.

 Our tire division supplies tires to the right market where they are needed. Exclusively supplying Cooper tires, one of the most leading tire brands in US, to South Korea, Duellco stands in an essential position in the tire distribution market.


 We order from small retailers, service stores, wholesalers, big distributors and even directly from manufacturers to strengthen our supply power.


 We are able to source and supply the exact tire brand that perfectly matches your demand with market protection to build up your brand image regionally.

 You can be our supplier and our customer.



Production Date has always been an issue to tire manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors.


Returned OE Tires and out of date tires are the biggest struggle to manufacturers. 


We purchase from various factories, wholesaler and even retailers for out dated tires and distribute them where it is needed. 

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