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Used Tires


When it comes to recycling, tires have always been an issue to all importers, distributors and even retailers.

Duellco Corporation has find a way to solve this issue by exporting these used tires to people who needs them.

Now Duellco Corporation exports 21,000pcs of passenger car tires on a monthly basis and the number is only growing bigger.

Buy from the Best!


In Korea there are several used tire exporters but none of them can do it like we do.

As we are the only company that does importing and distributing of new tires among the used tire business, we have the exact and the best business flow to establish used tire business.


We not only collect used tires from recycle places but also collect on the way of delivering our new tires.

This gives us the first access of good quality of used tires when other competitors will only get what is we have rejected.

Stable, consistant and protected!


Many used tire companies focus merly on increasing its capacity and exporting more, however our goal is to be stable in both quantity and quality. Used tire market is nothing like new tire market. You will not have more tires even if you want to since used tires cannot be "produced", which means the rate of high quality used tire will always be the same or similar.


Our goal is to supply certified used tires to customers in a stable and consistant rate. We have seen many customers who return to us after a bad experience but none have we seen that has left us because of our quality.

Market Protection and Services!


Our strongest advantage is that we are more than willing to protect your market.

As we fully know the importance of "Market Protection" through importing new tires, we protect a customers market by not selling any used tires within the customer's boundary. This might be within a region or even within the entire country. People think we push quantity to do so but the answer is "NO". We do not ask a customer to take more as stock for market protection.


The only thing you need to gain market protection from us is your will to develop and build the used tire market with us!


Furthermore we can provide tire stickers on each tires so that you can build up your own brand of used tires in your country.

The quality and material of the sticker used is exactly same as what its used in new tires and every single detail on that sticker can be customized. We believe that used tire itself will also require brand image in the near future, that is why we provide such extra services to let our customers build up their enterprise.

Available Size List & Price


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