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Used Tire - Details

Used Tires


When it comes to recycling, tires have always been an issue to all importers, distributors and even retailers.

Duellco Corporation has found a way to solve this issue by exporting these used tires to people who needs them.

With the support of the Korea Government and Korea Tire Manufactures Association, Duellco Corporation exports 40,000pcs of passenger car tires each month and the number is only growing bigger.

Why Duellco?






Duellco Corporation is the sole distributor of U.S. Brand Cooper Tires in South Korea.

We import new tires in mass quantity and deliver it to more than 200 retailers across the entire Korea even to Jeju Islands.

When the deliver is done we collect the replaced tires on sight by giving discounts on our products.

Just to get this discount, retailers will let us pick what they have first and then comes the other recycle trucks or exporters.

Close Inspection and grading is done after sorting all tires into grades and sizes.

From importing to exporting our system and flow is healthy and ready to provide what you need.

Stable, consistant and protected!


Many used tire companies focus merly on increasing its capacity and exporting more and more in numbers only, however our goal is to be stable in both quantity and quality. Used tire market is nothing like new tire market. You will not have more tires even if you want, since used tires are not "manufactured", which means the ratio of good qualified tires are always the same. It will not increase rapidly nor decrease rapidly.


Have you experienced sudden quality drop?

Tired of getting sizes that you don't want?

Are you getting more on certain sizes only?

Is your supplier hunting for your customers?


None of above will happen with Duellco Corporation.


You will not experience quality drop and will always have consistant quality throughout.

You will not be asked to take anything you do not want.

You will not get any sizes over the tolerance.

And your market will be protected by us. Any new inquires from new customers in sales boundary will be forwarded to you.

Buy from the Best!


There are many used tire exporters in Korea but none of them can do it like we do.

With our strong division of new tires, we get the first pick in most of the retailers, recycle centers and even junkyards.

Having the first pick in used tires is always the main key of being able to supply high quality used tires.

Why buy from others that supplies the tires we have rejected once already?

Buy from the Best and you will be the Best in your market!

Customs and Logistics

(For US Market Only)

Did you have problems during Customs?

Don't know how to take care of ISF Filing and DOT HS7?

Spending too much on Logistics?

Don't have an annual bond to import?

Too busy to remember bills to different companies?

None of above matters if you are with us.

We will take care of everything from our warehouse in Korea to your door.

You will get the tires you want at the time you want!

Our logistics deparment will give you the best rates both in ocean freights and in inland transportation.

Plus Shipping Management files are sent to customers with deposit  status, wire schedules, ETD, ETA and all the information you need. All required documents will be sent mutiple times so that you can prepare the schedule of the upcoming container. 


For customers that purchase multiple containers, we help them book the container schedule equally seperated so that they will not have containers all arriving at the same time.


Duellco Corporation care about services and managements as much as the quality of our tires.

We will keep trying to look for better services and improvments that will help you and us shine among the competitors.

Tire Labeling Service is what we provide to customers with extra price. With huge orders in new tire division we have the biggest tire sticker supplier that does labelling on our used tires as well. The quality of the sticker is exactly same to what we usually see on new tires, or even better.

All tire sizes will be printed based on your order and even more all logos and details can be fully customized!


To some customers simply washing the used tires is not good enough to promote their company to their customer or retail shops.


Let us solve that problem by putting your logo on each tires so that you can have your products look nice and neat.


Ask for a trial order and we will make the first container for free.


80% of the customers who have tried a trial order is now having this extra service on each container.

Various Payment Options

Don't waste wire transaction fees to banks.

We accept various Payment Options from Credit Cards, Checks and Transaction.

Let these payment tools help you to grow your business! 

Global Offices and Networks


One of the most important thing is how suppliers react to claims and compensations.

Most of the suppliers in Korea do not have an office in U.S. so all the communication is only done either through online or by phone.

We have locations in 3 different countries and U.S. being our own invested company in Georgia - Duellco USA Corporation.


You do not have to worry about slow customer services or frauds with Duellco Corporation.

We will be there to talk about everything and solve everything face to face.

Available Sizes List & Price


Please send us your email address and we will send you all the details you need through email, including price, size list, pictures and other details. 

Success! Message received.

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